Policy Manifesto, Visions and Values

THC is an educational research and medical center for cardiovascular disease affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences submitting to the general provisions of higher education of medicine. This center’s policies in three main areas of activity are as follows:


-    Training of specialized and professional human resources needed in the field of cardiovascular disease.
-    Improving public health through education and promotion of health literacy. (primary prevention)


-    Cardiovascular- related research at the national, regional and international level.


-    Offering comprehensive and efficient diagnostic medical and rehabilitative services to cardiovascular patients (with diverse health, supplemental and personal insurance coverage).


To become the most prestigious hospital in the Middle East that offers educational, research and medical services in the field of cardiovascular disease.  


 The values are our guide on the path to fulfill the hospital policies. The highest values are as follows:
-    Patient-centered care
-    Respect for human dignity and ethics
-    Preserving human and Islamic values
-    Honesty
-    Offering efficient and safe services in accordance with updated scientific standards
-    Retaining personnel rights