Visitors Policy and hours

1. Daily visiting hours is from 2 to 4 pm. visit patients during these hours and please avoid bringing flowers and natural flower pot.
2. Visiting duration shouldn't exceed 10 minutes. Please limit the number of people to no more than two visitors at a time and also refrain from gathering in the hallways and going to the other rooms.
3. Please avoid talking too much with the patient.
4. When meeting patients avoid shaking hands, kissing and using strong perfumes.
5. No two patients are alike, so please avoid comparing your patients with the others.
6. Please avoid drug therapy recommendations to either your own patient or the others.
7. Please avoid smoking in the hospital.
8. Trash bins with black bags are allocated for patients. Please avoid throwing trash into the bins with yellow bags (allocated for medical wastes).
9. Please avoid Putting food waste, black bags and food containers without lids inside the refrigerator.
10 . Patients' rest time is at 10 pm. Please do not use the phone after this time and stay in your own room.
11. Please avoid using electric - thermal appliances (heater - electric kettle)
12. Dear patients, please avoid leaving the ward without informing the nurse and be present at the time of injection, monitoring vital signs and food distribution.
13. Dear patients, please use the patient’s hospital clothing during your stay.
14. The card for companion is issued at 11 to 12 every day, and each patient can only have one person for companionshipat the ward head’s discretion.