Surgical Wards 

Tehran Heart Center is one of the largest centers for heart bypass surgery in Iran and every year almost more than 3500 heart surgeries (3000 cases of coronary and 500 cases of valvular and congenital surgeries) are done. Although, THC is a referral center and many complicated cases of surgeries are performed here, mortality and morbidity rates are lower than those reported globally. There are seven well-equipped operation rooms and 62 beds in open heart surgery ICU and post- ICU. Diagnostic, treatment and follow up services are provided for many cardiovascular diseases including: coronary arteries bypass grafting (off pump CABG), minimal- invasive valvular repair or replacement, complicated aortic surgeries including: aortic root reconstruction, thoracic aorta and aortic arch reconstruction, angiogenic therapy and arrhythmia treatment by surgery.

Coronary Surgery

In THC, if necessary, coronary arteries surgery is done using the latest techniques of cardiopulmonary bypass in the form of arterial bypass or saphenous mixed arterial/ venous bypass grafts. THC surgical team uses the most advanced techniques of myocardial protection, surgical techniques, and extracorporeal perfusion and makes use of anesthesia and peri-operative care methods.

Valvular Repair or Replacement 

THC offers the latest and safest techniques for heart valves reconstruction. If heart valve damage during the course of the disease the valve is removed and it will be replaced by a mechanical or biological prosthesis. In this center vavular disease undergo surgical operation by means of surgical techniques. Vavular repairs (especially mitral and tricuspid valves) and valvular replacements are accomplished with a high rate of success and minor complication in this center.